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Bob McAlonie and Cousin Mike McAlonie Looking For Relatives     February 2009 

My great great grandparents were Daniel Vallary(Vallely)b.abt.1805,d.abt.1855, Montreal,Can.

and Ann McGahan b.abt.1805, d.1846 Montreal.   Both born in Ireland.


They were married before 1836 in Armagh Parish, Ballymacnab, Townland of Cladybeg,Ireland.


They had 4 children:

 Catherine, Mary Anne,Francis and James.


Catherine is my great grandmother. Original surname I believe was McIllvallely.


Catherine married Robert McAlonie( a harnessmaker). They lived in West Troy, NY,USA.

They both died in 1879.They left 5 children.If interested, please contact me.


 Bob and Mike McAlonie 

Bob King in Canada was looking for Stanley Vallely

Came upon your web site "Vallely family". It is of interest to me as I am searching for an army friend I had with little success. I went through your family tree and can see that he is of no immediate family connection. The Vallely I am looking for is:

Stanley Vallely, born in Ireland in the year 1935c, his father owned and operated a pub on 25 Distillery Lane, Belfast, Ireland. 

Stanley immigrated to Canada in 1954, joined the armed forces "Black Watch", stayed three years, went to Germany, married a German girl and was believed to have gone to Australia. 

I have searched for a long time as he was a good friend and have been unable to locate him. Stanley Vallely may be a connection with your Irish descendants.

If you come across his name would you let me know?

I have to check with Paul Vallely but I have an email from him about Brendan (Barney) Vallely who owned a pub in Belfast. He didn't know the name of it since it was only known as The Shop at home. It was the subject of a play known as The Dockers. I'll try to get in touch with him and see if he can provide some more information.

Tom Vallely


November 8, 2000 Paul contacted Bob. Stan is his uncle and Bob has his address. This is better than police work.

Follow up     Received this email in December, 2003:

I was just browsing through your fab website in the "Looking for section", you had an article about Barney Vallely who had a pub in Belfast, it was a subject of a play known as The Dockers, Barney was my grandfather. His son Jerome was my father who sadfully passed away 7 years. I must ask my mum but I think my grandfathers bar was called Barneys. Hope this information is someway useful.


Fionnuala Vallely,
Online Engineer Bowne Global Solutions,
Dun Laoghaire, Co.
Dublin, Ireland