Vallely Military Records Online:

War Between the States

Edward J Vallely
Residence: New Shoreham, Rhode Island Occupation:  
Service Record:
Enlisted as a Private on 31 December 1861
Enlisted in Company A, 3rd Heavy Artillery Regiment Rhode Island on 31 December 1861
was Wounded on 09 April 1863
Died of wounds on 15 April 1863 in Beaufort, SC
Register of Rhode Island Volunteers 1861-1865. (RIRoster) Published in 1893

Edward Vallely
Residence: Lowell, Massachusetts Occupation: Currier
Service Record:

Assigned in Company E, 11th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts
Enlisted as a Private on 12 July 1861 at the age of 22
Enlisted in Company D, 16th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts on 16 July 1861
was Wounded on 03 May 1863
was Ordered to return on 06 August 1863
was Arrested on 19 September 1864
Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in the Civil War. (MASSCW) Published in 1931-37 by Adjutant General

John Vallely
Residence: Dover, New Hampshire Occupation:  
Service Record:
Enlisted as a Private on 02 June 1862 at the age of 38
Enlisted in Company D, 9th Infantry Regiment New Hampshire on 26 July 1862
Received a disability discharge on 14 January 1863 in Falmouth, VA
Enlisted in Company B, 13th Regiment RC on 22 December 1863
Received a disability discharge on 28 November 1864 in Boston, MA

Great War (World War I)

Name: Hugh Vallely
Army #: 5,261,610
Registrant: yes, Goodhue county, Minn.
Birth Place: Kenyon, Minn.
Birth Date: 11 Feb 1898
Parent's Origin: of American-Danish parents
Occupation: bookkeeper
Comment: inducted at Minneapolis, Minn., on Oct. 11, 1918; sent to University of Minnesota; served in Students Army Training Corps, to discharge. Discharged at Minneapolis, Minn., on Dec. 18, 1918, as a Private.

Name: Edward William Vallely
Army #: 1,338,842
Registrant: yes, not given
Birth Place: place not given
Birth Date: - Feb 1897
Parent's Origin: of (nationality of parents not given)
Occupation: not given
Comment: enlisted in the Navy at Minneapolis, Minn., on July 15, 1918; served at Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Ill., to Nov. 11, 1918. Grade: Seaman 2nd Class, 40 days; Shipwright, 26 days; Carpenter's Mate 3rd Class, 53 days. Released from active duty at Minneapolis, Minn., on May 15, 1919, as a Carpenter's Mate 3rd Class.

Name: Clifford J. Vallely
Serial Number: 2070883
Race: W
Residence: 3259 Maplewood Ave., Toledo, O.
Enlistment Division: Regular Army
Enlistment Location: Columbus Barracks, O.
Enlistment Date: 15 Dec 1917
Birth Place: Toledo, O.
Birth Date / Age: 23 9/12 Years
Assigns Comment: AS Signal Corps Columbus Barracks O to 26 Dec 1917; 161 Depot Brigade to 26 March 1918; Aviation School Kelly Field Tex to 4 May 1918; 1102 Aer Replacement Squadron to 17 June 1918; 12 Aer Squadron Signal Corps to Discharge Private, first class 13 Apr 1919. Champagne-Marne; Aisne-Marne; St Mihiel; Meuse-Argonne; Defensive Sector. American Expeditionary Forces 25 May 1918 to 16 June 1919. Honorable discharge 2 July 1919.
Volume #: 18

World War I Draft Registration

Name:  Daniel Leo Vallely
Birthdate: 4 Mar 1900
Race: W
Birthplace:  Citizen of Ireland
City/County:   NYC Bronx #1
State:  NY