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Much of the research and photos related to the Rathbun genealogy is from the Rathbun Rathburn Rathbone Family Association and Rob Rathburn.

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Great Grand Parents

George Yocam Mary Ann Rathburn

George Yocam
B:  May 2, 1863 Platte County, MO
D: Dec 23, 1926

Mary Ann Rathbun
B: Oct 22, 1866  Flagg Spring, MO
D: Jan 27, 1935 Jasper County, MO

Married Oct 22, 1882 in Jasper County, MO

Notes: As a teenager George was working with his father as a lead miner. By 1910 George was the superintendent of a local lead and zinc mine. In 1920, they moved to Oklahoma,  living in the home of their son, Virgil. George was working as a zinc miner at that time.

Mary Ann was living alone in 1930,  working as a housekeeper for a private family.

George Yocam and Family 1892
1892 left Ora, George Yocam, Mary Ann Rathbun Yocam, Arthur, Elza, Virgil

GG Parents
George Washington Rathbun
B:  May 31, 1841 in Ohio
D:  Apr 13, 1887 in Ohio 
Anna Marie Miller
B: Jul 21, 1846 in Broylesville, Washington, Tennessee
D: May 10, 1887 in Vienna Crossroads, Clark, Ohio

Married : Dec 27, 1865, Flag Spring, Andrews, Missouri  
Notes: In both the 1850 and 1860 Federal Census records his birth state is listed as Missouri. During the Civil War, he served with Company G of the 27th Ohio Infantry on July 27, 1861. "This regiment was organized at Camp Chase from July 15 to August 18, 1861, to serve for three years.

On the morning of August. 20, the regiment marched out of camp, 950 strong, and took the cars for St. Louis, Missouri.  The regiment was actively engaged during the siege of New Madrid and after the surrender of the town remained in camp about two weeks.

During the siege of Corinth it was repeatedly under fire. It was a part of the force sent to recapture Iuka in September and participated in the fight at that place.

In the following engagement at Corinth it was in the heat of the conflict and lost about 60 men.  He was discharged on July 29, 1862. He also served with a Missouri regiment (Company B 43rd Missouri Infantry). There is no known history of the 43rd.

In 1880 in Missouri he was a lead miner. A minor's claim on George's Civil War service was filed on November 6, 1911 from Missouri. It was filed under Etta M. Lee and all.  
George Washington Rathbun and Family About 1885 
George Washington Rathbun and Anna Marie Miller.  Children  standing:  left, Cora; center, John; right, Rose.  Myrtle is on Anna's lap and Etta on George's lap. Mary Ann had already married.

GGG Parents

John Tillinghast Rathbun
B:  Jan 22, 1806 in Brownsdale, Butler, Pennsylvania  
D:  Mar 28, 1886 in Vienna Crossroads, Clark, Ohio
Mary Curl
B: Feb 17, 1809 in Clinton County, Ohio
D: Oct 18, 1886 in Vienna Crossroads, Clark, Ohio  

  Dec 27, 1829, Catawha, Clark, Ohio  

Notes:  John was a farmer.  In 1856 he purchased 139 acres of land in the Town of Harmony, upon which he resided and cultivated until the year 1875 when he purchased the McArthur place.  They did briefly live in Indiana in the 1830's. He had retired from farming by 1880.  At this time they had a housekeeper living with them.

By 1880 Mary Curl suffered from milk leg.  (inflammation of the femoral vein, the principal vein of the thigh, with formation of a clot that blocks the channel of the vein.)

Parents of  Anna Marie Miller 
Samuel Miller  Anna Hunt 

G4 Parents
Thomas Rathbun 
B:  Sep 3, 1782 in West Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island
D: Sep 10, 1869 in Brighton Creek, Clark, Ohio
Elizabeth Cochrane 
B:  Jul 12, 1781 in Butler County, Pennsylvania
D:  Nov 16, 1838 in Brighton Creek, Clark, Ohio

 Jul 12, 1803 in Brownsdale, Butler, Ohio
Notes:  Thomas taught his first school in Harmony, Ohio in 1835. Later he operated the hotel in Brighton, Ohio. He died from "chills and old age." He was called "Colonel." He was in the Ohio militia.

The Pleasant Hill Cemetery was also called the Thompson Cemetery. Before that it was called the Old Rathbun Farm Graveyard:  the cemetery was on Colonel Thomas Rathbun's farm.
Parents of Mary Curl 
Jeremiah Curl  Cynthia Romaine 

G5 Parents

Clark Rathbun 
B: 1760 in Exeter, Washington, Rhode Island
D:  Mar 2, 1815 in Brighton, Franklin, Ohio
Abigail Tillinghast
B:  May 16, 1763 in West Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island
D: Mar 2, 1826 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio

Married: About 1781 in West Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island

Notes:  Clark served during 1778 in Captain Joseph Draper's Company of Col Archibald Kasson's Rhode Island under the command of General John Sullivan.

They lived in West Greenwich, Rhode Island before moving west first in Brownsdale, Pennsylvania.  He purchased land in Middlesex in 1797 and worked at Robbin's Mill on the Youghiogheny River in Allegheny County until about 1805.  Their final move was to the Columbus, Ohio area.  

G6 Parents

 Jonathan Rathbun
B:  Oct 1, 1734 in Exeter, Washington, Rhode Island
D:  1800 in Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts   
Susannah Barber
B: 1737 in Exeter, Washington, Rhode Island
D: 1775 in Monterey, Berkshire, Massachusetts

Married:    Mar 3, 1756 in Exeter, Washington, Rhode Island  

Notes:  Jonathan was admitted a freeman in Exeter, Rhode Island in 1755.  He was still there in 1774 when the state census was held.  By 1775, he lived in Tyringham, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.  The death of his wife and the marriage of daughters of Lydia, Patience and Susannah are registered at the Congregational Church at Monterey, Massachusetts.

Parents of Abigail Tillinghast 
Thomas Tillinghast  Mary Thomas

G7 Parents

John Rathbun 
B:   Dec 23, 1693 in New Shoreham, Newport, Rhode Island
D:  1752 in Exeter, Washington, Rhode Island
Alice Unknown                             

Married:  1721 in New Shoreham, Newport, Rhode Island  

Notes:  In 1723, John was left from his parents all their housing and land on Block Island.  He sold this land in 1725 and moved to the mainland. He was admitted a freeman of North Kingstown in May of 1732. He was called "John Rathbun of Nesquaheague". His will was written January 18, 1752 and probated in Exeter, Rhode Island on March 10, 1752.

Parents of Susannah Barber 
Joseph Barber  Rebecca Barber

G8 Parents

John Rathbun 
B: 1655 in Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts
D: before Mar 1, 1723 in New Shoreham, Newport, Rhode Island
Anna Dodge 
D: Aft.  Oct 25, 1725 in New Shoreham, Newport, Rhode Island

Married:   Nov 11, 1686 in Rochester (now North Kingstown), Washington, Rhode Island

Notes:  He moved to Block Island as a child with his parents.  His marriage to his first wife took place on Block Island but the name of his wife is not legible in the records. 

John was admitted a freeman in May of 1684 and was on the freeman list as late as May 5, 1696.  He represented New Shoreham in the Rhode Island General Assembly serving as late as 1696.

On April 1717 he testified in court in relation to the difficulties arising from the French privateers who were operating off the coast of Rhode Island.  On December 13, 1698, Betsey, the daughter of "Great James" and his wife, Jane, was bound to John as an indentured servant for eighteen years. The consideration was for "one gallon of rum yearly thereafter and if she remains five years, the said Rathbun to pay four blankets and every three years thereafter."

He was mentioned in a deed of another as early as January 29, 1708 in Westerly, Rhode Island.  John, of Block Island, bought land from the Colony agents in Westerly, Rhode Island on September 29, 1708. After the death of his first wife, he appears that John had an affair with his nineteen-year old cousin, Margary Acres. When Margary married Daniel Tosh in 1685, Margary already had a six-month old son, Acres Tosh.  In 1717, a Rhode Island court upheld a claim that Acres Tosh was illegally in possession of Tosh property on the grounds that he was Margary's illegitimate son by John Rathbun. The claimant, Penelope Tosh Hollaway, produced a witness, Sarah Potter, who testified she had seen Acres' mother "Abed with John Rathbun"

John Rathbun grave marker 

G9 Parents

John Rathbun 
B:   Mar 8, 1629 in Prescott Parrish,  Lancashire, England
D:   before Oct 6, 1702 in New Shoreham,  Rhode Island
Margaret Acres
B: Sep 1633 in Prescott Parrish,  Lancashire, England
D:  after Sep 15, 1716 in New Shoreham,  Rhode Island

Married:  1654 in County Lancashire, England.  

Notes:  John Rathbone, was baptized 8 March 1629/30, at Farnworth Chapel, Prescott, County Lancashire, England.  He was the second son and the third child of Thomas and Alice Rathbone.

Thomas, his father, was a shoemaker in the hamlet of Hough Green in Ditton Township, about two miles from Farnworth Chapel.  When Thomas died, his estate inventory mentioned a shop containing "shoes, leather and things belonging to a shoemaker."  His will mentioned his "new house" and a "garden and stockyard" and "two cows, one heifer, one little calf and one mare."  The inventory also included a corn car, a vegetable cart, a plow, plow parts, a harrow and extra wheels and rims.  His total assets were 29 pounds shillings and two pence.

The family was Anglican.  

 John Rathbun was raised in Ditton, County Lancashire in a family of six children. He married in the area to Margaret Acres, the daughter of Thomas Acres, a neighbor of the Rathbones. It would appear that after being left a small sum of money from his father's estate in 1654 he left England with his bride and settled in Dorchester, Massachusetts where others from County Lancashire had settled. 

His name first appeared in the American records when he was listed among 12 Massachusetts men who met at the Roxbury home of Dr. John Alcock to consider the purchase of Block Island, a small island twelve miles off the coast of Rhode Island. In 1658, the possession of Block Island was transferred from the Colony of Massachusetts to private individuals with its sale to Richard Bellingham, Daniel Dennison, John Endicott and William Hawthore.  They in turn made the last transfer of land as a whole to the company of twelve men who met at Dr. Alcock's. A second meeting was held where the number of individuals had grown to sixteen.  Drawings were held to assign each of the proprietors a "great lot" in both the northern and southern sections of the land.  John, less affluent than some of the others pooled his funds with Edward Vorse, another native of County Lancashire and brought half shares. Their land in the southern section lay along the southeastern coast and their land in the north consisted of a lot. Totally, they had 420 acres. Years later it was discovered that a mistake was made in the original survey. In 1671, the lawyers for the estate of Dr. Alcock granted John Rathbun an additional 60 acres "what land shall be found some convenient place in the commonland".

He was given land near the center of the island stretching from near where the center of town is today to the ocean east of town.  In October of 1680, he made his last payment of his share of the original purchase. According to the New Shoreham town books, a barque was built to transport the cattle to the island.  A shallop was built by Samuel Deering and Simon Ray who no doubt charged the others for the transportation to the island. The families met in Taunton for the trip to New Shoreham in April 1661.

John was listed as a freeman of New Shoreham in 1664.  He represented New Shoreham in the Rhode Island General Assembly for five years.  In 1685, he was a member of the Crown Party that supported King James' order vacating the Rhode Island colonial charter.  He signed with his mark "JR".  That same year, King James was overthrown during the Glorious Revolution and the Crown Party was out of favor in Rhode Island.

It appears that during his political career he kept a home on the mainland in Newport.  In 1674, he was living in Hammersmith, a section of Newport.  He returned to Block Island about 1685.  In 1702 he was listed as a proprietor of the town wharf in Newport.

Block Island was invaded by a French privateer in July of 1698.  The invaders asked some of the islanders who had money and they directed them to John Rathbun.  At the Rathbun home, the invaders seized John, Jr. who they tied, stripped to the wait and whipped.  

John's will dated February 12, 1702 at Block Island described him as a "yeoman". Although listed of Block Island, the inventory of his estate indicates he considered Newport his principal home.  He conducted some sort of business there as his will referred to a "shop" there.   His will was probated October 16, 1702.   John was baptized in the Anglican Church in England.  He may have been a Quaker in Newport as his son's birth is registered in Quaker records there.  

He was a slave owner as he left a slave to his son, Thomas, at his death. 

Parents of Anna Dodge   
Tristam Dodge   Unknown

G10 Parents

Thomas Rathbone 
Baptized:  Jan 9, 1595 at Farnworth Chapel, Prescott, County Lancashire England
D: February 1653/54 in Ditton, County Lancashire, England  
Mrs. Alice Chidwell 
a widow

Married: at Farnworth Chapel on  April 13, 1616  

Notes:  Shoemaker of Hough Green

Parents of Margaret Acres 
 Thomas Acres   Margery Houghton

Farnworth Chapel 

G11 Parents

Thomas Rathbone
Baptized:  December 28, 1566 at Farnworth Chapel, Prescott, County Lancashire, England
D:  November 7, 1623 in County Lancashire, England
Grace Coppowe 

Married:   October 13, 1588 at Farnworth Chapel    

G12 Parents

William Rathbone
B: about 1538
D: June 1587 


Parents of Grace Coppowe   
 John Coppowe  Unknown 

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