Tom's Research Notes:

Research Notes
By Tom Vallely

John Vallely
February, 2009

I recently discovered a John Vallely on the ship Caledonia from Glasgow to New York, arriving December 23, 1867.  He was 25 and his occupation was listed as miner.  He would seem to be the son of John Vallely and the brother of my Great Grandfather Hugh Vallely.  I also discovered a John Vallaly on the steamer Hibernia from New York to Glasgow, Scotland, departing August 12, 1865 and arriving August 25, 1865.  He was a 23 year old miner.

There is every possibility that they are the same person in spite of the spelling of the last name.  The various spellings are common.  If he left New York for Glasgow in 1865 and returned to New York from Glasgow in 1867 why did he return to Scotland?  And how and when did he go to New York in the first place?

My new theory is that the two brothers emigrated separately from Scotland.  Hugh was married in Philadelphia in 1867 or before and was not listed as a passenger on the Caledonia.  So far I have not found Hugh on any ship to anywhere.  He as listed in the 1861 Scottish census and listed as a 16 year old scholar.

Maybe the two brothers immigrated earlier than I thought and John returned for personal reasons.  The reason would have to justify a tremendous expense.

I'm going to post this info in the forum and see what comes of it.

The Long Journey to America
January 2009

The case of John Vallely (1824-1880) involves bits and pieces of trivia.  The name was misspelled as Vallaley when his son Charles died in Scotland in 1855. The death certificate lists John as an ironstone miner.

John had married Rose MacHendry (McKendry, McKendrie) about 1842 in County Antrim, Ireland.  Rose was born in about 1824 in Belfast of Bernard and Mary McHendry. 

In 1840 a John Vallaley was sponsor at the baptism of Mary Hughes, daughter of Michael Hughes and Jane Monaghan at St. Margaret's in Airdrie, Scotland.  There is no other evidence that John was in Scotland that early but his mother was a Hughes and it is very likely Mary would have been related.

On January 23, 1842 John Vallaley was sponsor at the baptism of Edward McLaughlin, son of James McLaughlin and Agnes O'Neal at St. Margaret's RC chapel in Airedrie.   The second sponsor was Mary Monaghan.

John married Rose in 1842 or earlier in Carrickfergus, County Antrim, Ireland so if the sponsor at the Scotland baptisms is the same John Vallely he must have been going back and forth.  Their son Hugh was born in 1845 in County Antrim.

In 1855 a John Wallely (sic) was witness to the marriage of Charles McKendry.  This has to be another misspelling as Charles is undoubtedly related to Rose.

Son Charles died in 1855 in Scotland and the 1861 census shows John, his wife and 4 children living at house number 8, Shotts Parish in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Rose died of typhus June 18, 1867 in Whitburn, West Lothan, Scotland.   So Rose did not make the trip to America.

Interestingly, their son Hugh married Bridget McLain in 1867 or earlier.  Bridget was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.  A natural assumption would be that Hugh was in the USA by 1867.  I always assumed that John was the one who immigrated to America but he would have had to leave Rose to do it.  John died November 20, 1880 but I don't know where.

It is always possible that John sent the surviving children (John, Hugh, Mary and Jane) to America by themselves or with a relative.  I have so far been unable to find a record of any of the children or John on a ship.  I was originally looking for ships from England.  It is possible that they left from Glasgow.  I also originally was looking in the early 1850s. 

Brian Boy Vallely

There is no way to connect him to any particular branch of the family but the Spearin family database at Rootsweb has several references from the 1600s and 1700s with references to Vallelys and variants.  I suspect the information is from early hearth rolls.

Brian Bui McIlVallely (Brian Boy Vallely) was born in 1624 in Cladymore and died about 1700.  He was married in 1660 to an unknown person and had a child (unknown first name) in 1662 in Cladymore.  His father is listed as Taoiseach Mac Giolla Mh' Ailille who was born about 1600 in An Chlaidigh Mhor.

His unknown son born in Cladymore moved to Clonfeacle where he married about 1720 and had Patrick Vallely about 1725 in Mullylaggin, Clonfeacle.  He died about 1745.  We could be missing a generation since unknown son would have been 58 when he married.

There it ends, far short of my great great great grandfather Hugh born about 1796.