30 Years of TPD:


Tom retired in 2008 after 30 years and 3 months on the Tulsa Police Department.

Tom's Tulsa Police Badge 519
Badge Story--I swear this is true

Look up above...that's my badge. Sort of.

When I graduated from the academy I was issued a brand new badge with a number in the 200s. The clasp broke. I took it to Police Personnel and was given badge 110. The clasp broke. I returned to Police Personnel. They looked at me with collective disbelief and gave me badge 519.   They emphasized that I should quit breaking badges.

I was informed that my badge would be repaired in about ten working days and I would be notified. That was in 1978. They should be calling anytime.... hey I've retired.  Mail it to me.

Tulsa Police recruit class graduated in January 1978. My TPD graduating class being administered the oath of office January 31,1978. The academy class started November 1, 1977. I'm in back on the right.  Color photography existed but the city was too cheap...

1978 Tulsa World newspaper article.  July 25, 1978
I didn't waste any time hassling innocent citizens.  This was my first time to testify in court in Tulsa, and my first murder trial.  During the trial the judge kept napping.

Moments after this photo was taken the suspect began telling me all about how he had shot his wife. I recorded it.

The defense attorney made a big deal out of the Miranda warning.  In spite of what you see on television the warning is only required when the police are questioning you.  Mr. Greathouse just started talking.

I finally stopped him after he had related the entire story and started over.  I advised him of Miranda and asked him a couple of questions to clarify the story.  Needless to say it was all admissible.

Because of circumstances i.e. his wife was having an affair and told him so after sex, the jury found him guilty of manslaughter and gave him time served.

Jimmy Carter was President and the 78 Plymouth Fury was the car of choice. Like that haircut? Tom and the 1978 Tulsa Police Plymouth Fury.

Off duty with classmate Tim Barrett, Tom Fultz and me. Tim Barret, Tom Fultz and Tom Vallely in about 1979.T


Tom and Brian Vallely in 1981. With Son Brian in about 1981.


Ronald Reagan was President and TPD went with a 1986 Plymouth Fury. TPD began assigning cars to individual officers just prior to allowing them to take their cars home. Tom Vallely and Tulsa Police 1986 Plymouth Fury.


End of a 1991 pursuit involving Tom Vallely and a stolen motorycle.
In 1991 I was involved in a pursuit of a stolen motorcycle.  The driver quickly accelerated to over 100 mph while going over a hill.  I lost site of him but saw a huge plume of debris about 30 feet high as I approached the crest of the hill.

The photo above is my car parked next to what is left of the motorcycle.  The pursuit was from the right.  I made a right turn at the intersection and spent a few seconds wondering where the driver was.  I then checked on the people in the car before finding the motorcycle driver behind the car.  He hit where the fireman are standing and went under the car and died where I'm standing.

The picture below is to the right of the picture above.  The car was pulling out from the right and was turned sideways by the impact.  If I showed you the photo of the body you would wear a helmet and never ride at 100 mph. 

Victim's car in the 1991 Fatality Pursuit

Tom in a 1996 Tulsa Police Ford Crown Vic 1997

The car design changed on the 96 Ford Crown Victoria, hair was shorter and some guy from Arkansas was President.
I collected pictures of vehicle vs. occupied structures.  I am unabashedly posing in this one where you have a combination of a dead end street, a stupid driver and a stolen truck. 

Oddly enough I never went to one of these where any resident was ever injured.
This 1998 wreck is part of Tom's weird photo collection. 

Tom in 1998 1998

Investigations supervisor at Uniform Division Southwest.


The department's first Crime Analysis Unit

Front-Bryan Horry, Tom Vallely, Neal Walters

Back- Gerry Bryan, Randy Tuttle
Tulsa Police Crime Analysis Unit in 1999


Tulsa Police Crime Analysis Unit in 2000. 2003

Crime Analysis Unit

Front-Neal Walters, Jim McClaughry

Back- Gerry Bryan, Randy Tuttle, Tom Vallely

Tom Vallely's  last Tulsa police car was a 2006 Ford Crown Vic.
Went back to the field in 2005 and mostly enjoyed myself again.  Above is Tom's last car. 

Seems they changed the uniforms while I was inside.
  Tom Vallely in 2006, shortly before retirement.

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